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Listeners of obscure New York radio stations might be interested to know GBS-FM are going to play some Handbags at Dawn after the ad break.
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Sorry, meant to say before - this SUNDAY (4th December),


is playing at The Harrison (28 Harrison Street, Kings Cross, WC1 8JG) - it's off Grays Inn Road.

It's Shane flying solo, so a chance for all of you mugs to hear the songs as God intended. Should be onstage about 17:30, it looks like a pretty sweet place. Mebbe see yous there.
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Tim Steele

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Ooh 'eck, I can't believe I neglected to put an note up here in promotion of our next gig.

Anyway, it's, er.. tonight! In Kings Cross. And it's FREE!

The Time: Handbags at Dawn are opening the bill at 8pm.

The Location: O'Neills, Euston Road, Kings Cross (nearest tube: Kings Cross).

This'll be a full band gig - the first since we finished the new EP. Come along!